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Don Reinertsen

Reinertsen & Associates
Who are you ?
I'm an engineer who likes to figure out what makes things work and to improve how they work.

What do you do for a living ?
I teach people to think differently about product development

What do you want to speak about at FlowCon ?
I'd like to speak about the economics and the science of batch size.

What would make you say “waouh” at the end of the conference ?
I'd say waouh if I encounter people and ideas that make me think.

What will make you think that attendees have learnt a lot during your session ?
When their knowledge expands, their curiosity should expand at the same time. This should make them ask more questions.

What is your favorite word ?

What is the sound, the noise that you love ?
Waves breaking on the beach

What is the plant, tree or animal which you would love to be reincarnated into ?

What is the question you would have liked us to ask you ?
Why? - It is the most powerful question of all.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, December 13

3:05pm CET


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