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Jacopo Romei

Strategic Consultant
Who are you ?
I am a person who likes doing many different things and trying to never do the same mistake twice.

What do you do for a living ?
I help organizations willing to waste less time, money or enthusiasm in developing their business.

What do you want to speak about at FlowCon ?
I first tried to run a business the lean way back in 2003. Since then I have always heard discussions about the agile/lean workflow and not about the contracts signed upfront that were preventing a full adoption of any adaptive workflow. So I want to speak about my experiments with solutions for this problem.

What would make you say “waouh” at the end of the conference ?
a) The consistence of the whole message: contracts often ARE the root cause of our bad workflows and root cause analysis, well... isn't it the core of kaizen?
b) Concrete examples to tell myself apart from people living in the "theory bubble".

What will make you think that attendees have learnt a lot during your session ?
If they can even just question the dogma of fixed price and time&material for a second. If the smile while they hear how other kinds of contracts exists. If they ask questions at the end, willing to know more.

What is your favorite word ?
Antifragility, from the homonym book by Nassim Taleb.

What is the sound, the noise that you love ?
Cats purring loudly.

What is the plant, tree or animal which you would love to be reincarnated into ?
A privileged cat.

What is the question you would have liked us to ask you ?
What is your favourite French food?

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, December 12

4:30pm CET


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