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Nicholas Suter

Younited Credit
Chief Architect
Who are you ?
I'm an architect, a developer and a manager

What do you do for a living ?
I make sure Younited's information system provides the right features and that it will still work tomorrow.

What do you want to speak about at FlowCon ?
We'll be telling you how we scale up our tech department in the past present and probable future.

What would make you say “waouh” at the end of the conference ?
Well basically, I'm happy whenever I learn anything.

What will make you think that attendees have learnt a lot during your session ?
If they have any further questions or come and talk to us after.

What is your favorite word ?
Cellar door?

What is the sound, the noise that you love ?
Well you're nosey, aren't you? I'll play it safe and go for screams and shouts at a concert.

What is the plant, tree or animal which you would love to be reincarnated into ?
I'd definitly be a flying squirrel.

What is the question you would have liked us to ask you ?
What did Dolph Lundgren study before becoming a movie star?

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